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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberries?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberries?

The answer is yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, blueberries are safe for bearded dragons to eat, but they should only make up a small percentage of their diet. Too much sugar can be bad for them, so it's best to give them mostly vegetables and fruit that are low in sugar.

Secondly, it's important to wash blueberries before giving them to your bearded dragon, as they can sometimes contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

    Your bearded dragon will undoubtedly eat this as it is sweet, juicy and delicious. However, is it safe to eat?

    Blueberries, such as strawberries, apples, and grapes, are among the less dangerous fruits for Bearded Dragons. Bearded dragons can eat a few blueberries once a week, despite the fact that fruit only makes up a small part of their diet.

    "Can bearded dragons eat blueberries?" This is probably one of the most frequently asked diet questions. Given our love for this delicious fruit, it makes sense to question whether bearded dragons can enjoy it too.

    This article will address this issue and show you how to properly include blueberries in your diet.

    Nutritional Information Of Blueberries Per 100g

    Total lipid (fat)0.33g
    Vitamin K19.3µg
    Phosphorus, P12mg
    Carbohydrate, by difference14.49g
    Sodium, Na1mg
    Vitamin E0.57mg
    Vitamin A3µg
    Vitamin B60.052mg
    Calcium, Ca6mg
    Vitamin D (D2+3)0µg
    Iron, Fe0.28mg
    Vitamin C9.7mg

    Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberries?

    Bearded dragons, need an omnivorous diet of insects, fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. These lizards need a variety of food, so you'll want to alternate feeding them throughout the week.

    Many bearded dragon owners wonder if their pets can eat blueberries, and the answer is yes. When fed in moderation, blueberries can be an enjoyable and healthy part of a Bearded Dragon's diet.

    It's quick and simple (more on that later), as most owners already have some in stock and they don't take long to prepare.

    Blueberry for Bearded Dragon

    Blueberries are the favorite food of most bearded dragons. As a result, getting the lizards to eat them is not a problem. However, you should take some safety precautions while doing so.

    Wash: Before giving fruit to the Bearded Dragon, be sure to wash it thoroughly. Chemicals such as pesticides and preservatives are routinely sprayed during the manufacturing and packaging. Wipe off all unnecessary ingredients before giving blueberries to your pet.

    Smash: Some people mash the blueberries instead of slicing them before giving them to their bearded dragon. Don't crush it completely to the ground, as they will still need a significant portion to gnaw on.

    Slice: Help the Bearded Dragon by slicing the berries in advance to make it easier to eat. As a result, you can avoid suffocation and gagging.

    Blueberries can be fed to a Bearded Dragon in the following ways:

    Above all, make sure to feed your bearded dragon high-quality blueberries from a reliable supplier.

    All fruits and vegetables should be visually inspected to ensure that you are providing your pet with ripe and nutritious food.

    The blueberries must then be washed, cut, sliced, chopped, diced or crushed so that the dragon can safely eat them.

    They need bite-sized food.

    To avoid rummaging through the bowls and eating only their favorites from the plate, try diced or mashed blueberries along with other fruits and vegetables.

    Food should be served on small, clean plates that do not tip over.

    Fresh water should always be stored in small plates that do not spill easily. This water bowl should be cleaned and rinsed regularly.

    Blueberry Benefits for Bearded Dragons

    Blueberries provide a number of health benefits to bearded dragons, including:
    • It is also an excellent source of fiber and manganese.
    • They are a great source of carbohydrates to help maintain energy levels.
    • Because it is rich in water, it helps the beard to stay hydrated.
    • It contains vitamin K, which helps blood clot and form bones.
    • Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, they help support the immune system, heart health, and reduce inflammation.

    Why shouldn't the Bearded Dragon eat blueberries every day?

    Fruit should only be eaten as a snack for the Bearded Dragon and should not be part of their regular diet. In particular, blueberries cannot be consumed on a regular basis for two reasons:

    There is too much sugar in the diet. The high sugar content of fruits is one of the main reasons bearded dragon avoid fruits on a regular basis. Beardy dragons have plenty of room to move around quickly, exercise and burn calories in their native environment, but nonetheless, their diet is low in sugar. Controlling a dragon's sugar consumption is far more important as they have less chance to move and crawl in such a large space in a home environment. Bearded dragons who consume too much sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and even death.

    Blueberries, like other berries, are high in sugar. It's not dangerous if they eat it once in a while... just make sure you don't feed your bearded dragon too much or too often.

    Too much phosphorus compared to calcium. The ideal fruits and vegetables that Bearded Dragons eat regularly contain balanced proportions of phosphorus and calcium (meaning they are in equal amounts in their food). Calcium is an important mineral for bearded dragons to live, but phosphorus binds with calcium and prevents calcium from entering the bearded dragon's circulation.

    When dragons eat small amounts of phosphorus-rich foods, they usually do no damage. However, including too much phosphorus in a dragon's diet can lead to a variety of health problems, including metabolic bone disease (MBD), a painful and paralyzing condition that can lead to death. Limit their intake of phosphorus-rich foods, such as blueberries, to avoid frequent but avoidable diseases.

    Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberry Leaves?

    Have the Bearded Dragon eat some blueberry leaves, but don't give them too many.

    Don't worry, a bunch of blueberries (especially fresh ones) sometimes have leaves mixed in.

    Even if you intentionally put a few leaves on his or her plate it won't damage them. However, we do not recommend doing this on a regular basis.

    Blueberry leaves may have health benefits for humans, but more research is needed before the veterinarian can say whether regular intake of the leaves is safe for bearded dragons.

    Frozen blueberries are safe for bearded dragons to eat.

    The safety of feeding frozen blueberries to bearded dragons has sparked heated debate.

    According to some experts, frozen blueberries contain pesticides and preservatives. Others believe that fresh blueberries contain more pesticides than frozen blueberries. Frozen blueberries are known to contain more vitamins and antioxidants than fresh blueberries.

    Concerns have been raised for years about whether frozen fruits are less nutritious and contain more pesticides than fresh vegetables. It's a legitimate concern. After all, you want to give your dragon the best and healthiest choice possible.

    Whether fresh or frozen, you can always buy organic blueberries to avoid using pesticides. Due to differences in processing and storage processes, non-organic frozen blueberries generally contain fewer pesticide residues than fresh blueberries. If you have to choose between fresh non-organic blueberries and non-organic frozen blueberries, frozen blueberries may be a better choice.

    Since there is no concrete evidence to support each other, it is advisable to conduct research on the matter and draw your own conclusions. Then, after thorough analysis, you can draw an informed conclusion. Your best bet is to seek advice from a reputable reptile veterinarian.

    But sometimes we think it's perfectly fine to feed your beardie frozen blueberries.

    Can Bearded Dragons eat blueberries when they are young?

    Blueberries should not be eaten by young bearded dragons. As they grow, they need more calcium, and thier diet should consist mostly of protein from insects such as crickets. They should be allowed to eat as many fresh green vegetables as they want.

    Why not try the blueberry stems?

    Blueberry stalks should not be fed to Bearded Dragons.

    They like to put new things in their mouths, but the stems are unlikely to be one of them.

    However, be careful when your bearded dragon eats this berry dill as it can cause suffocation like anything else they put in their mouth!

    Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberry Seeds?

    Fresh, whole-seed blueberry slices should not be a problem for pets to eat.

    You don't need to remove these tiny blueberry seeds before giving the blueberry slices to your pet bearded dragon.

    Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberry Muffins?

    Muffins, especially those containing blueberries, should not be fed to bearded dragons.

    Muffins contain sugar and other ingredients that are not suitable for pets and may be harmful.

    What do you think about Blueberry Juice for Bearded Dragons?

    Blueberry juice or soda should not be given to Bearded Dragons. This is not good for pets because of the high sugar content of blueberry juice.

    High sugar levels can do more harm than good, leading to diarrhea, stomach upset, and other problems. Don't give the Bearded Dragon Blueberry Juice!

    Can Bearded Dragons Eat Black Blueberries?

    If you know where to look, you can feed the bearded dragon berries of the black highbush blueberry tree. Be careful not to confuse these berries with other types of fruit, as they usually grow in the wild.
    The black blueberries you find in the supermarket are likely very dark fruits. Make sure it is soft. Don't give your bearded dragon something you won't eat!

    How often should a Bearded Dragons consume blueberries?

    Since blueberries are known to promote skin and heart health, increase metabolism, aid in excellent vision and create a strong immune system, it may seem like a wise idea to include blueberries regularly in your bearded dragon's diet.

    While all of the above is true, there are downsides to eating too much blueberries.

    Blueberries are high in sugar, and too much sugar in a beard's diet can cause long-term problems such as obesity, diabetes, digestive problems (though ambush is rare), tooth decay and heart problems.

    Blueberries' high phosphate-to-calcium ratio is another reason to keep them as a special snack. Bearded dragons need large amounts of calcium to avoid health problems such as metabolic bone disease. Blueberries have a high phosphorus-to-calcium ratio, so the phosphorus binds to the calcium before it is of any benefit to the dragon.

    Given the above, it is recommended that you only feed your blueberries once a week to your Bearded Dragon. A good rule of thumb is to serve 4-5 blueberries at a time, best served with dragon's vegetables or mixed with greens.

    Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dried Blueberries?

    Dried blueberries should not be eaten by Bearded Dragons. The sugars in dried blueberries are extremely concentrated without the moisture of fresh fruit. One ounce of dried blueberries has 0.74 ounces (21 grams) of sugar. On the other hand, 1 ounce of fresh blueberries contains only 0.099 ounces (2.1 grams).

    How much should I feed my bearded dragon?

    Consult your local veterinarian for expert guidance on your pet's nutrition.

    They will tell you how much blueberries to feed your Bearded Dragon.

    The amount of food you should feed them depends on what you and your veterinarian should include in your pet's diet.

    It's a good rule of thumb to assume that if your dragon is leaving food, it's because you're giving them too much food.


    Bearded dragons are part of the genus Pogona, which includes eight reptiles named after the Greek pogon, meaning "beard". And that's how these adorable reptiles got their terrifying nicknames.

    Despite their ferocious nickname, they are much easier to care for than other reptiles or lizards. But what about their nutrition? Is it possible for them to eat blueberries?

    Yeah! Blueberries can be eaten by Bearded Dragons. These tiny berries can be a great source of nutrition for your pet. However, you should also ensure that they eat a balanced diet.

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