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How Often to Feed Bearded Dragons?

How Often to Feed Bearded Dragons?

Adult bearded dragons may only need to eat once every two days while young bearded dragons need to eat once a day. If your beard doesn't finish thier food, feed them less next time. Sprinkle the bearded dragon's food with a calcium supplement twice a week.

From deciding which vegetables and insects to feed, to determining how often to feed your bearded dragon, regardless of age, to understanding how to utilize vitamins and supplements. To get started with a bearded dragon Let's admit that some investigation is needed.

My goal on this page is to answer all your questions about how often you should feed your bearded dragon, as well as what to feed it regardless of its age.

The Bearded Dragon Feeding Chart by Age is a useful tool for remembering important details. But there's more that hasn't been put into it, so read on!

    What is bearded dragon's menu?

    Protein: Bearded dragons feed on live mealworms, beeswax and crickets, providing beneficial vitamins and nutrients to lizards. Adult bearded dragons may only need to eat once every two days while young bearded dragons need to eat once a day. If your beard doesn't finish your food, feed less next time.

    Calcium: Sprinkle bearded dragon food with calcium supplements twice a week (contact PetSmart staff for details).

    Vegetables: Vegetables should make up 25% of the diet of young bearded dragons and half of the diet of adult bearded dragons. Kale, collard greens, mustard greens, zucchini and shredded carrots are all popular.

    Commercial foods provide variety to a bearded dragon's diet. Many bearded dragons have high-protein recipes for young geckos and low-protein variants for adult bearded dragons.

    If the bearded dragons refuse to drink from a shallow dish in their habitat, gently sprinkle fruits and vegetables with clean water.

    Feeding Chart of Bearded Dragons by Age

    Bearded Dragon's AgeFood Quantity & TypesEach Day's Meal Count
    12-18 months50% veggies, 50% insects2
    3-6 months50% veggies, 50% insects4
    1-3 monthsIn 5-10 minutes, devour as many insects as they can. + 20% veggies5
    Adult (18+ months)75% veggies, 25% insects2
    6-12 months50% veggies, 50% insects3

    How often should I feed a Bearded Dragon over 18 months old?

    At 18 months of age, an adult bearded dragon will grow to full size. At this age, their diet will change as they no longer need to eat to grow, but to survive.

    From 18 months of age, you only need to feed your bearded dragon once a day.

    At this age, the diet changes in the opposite direction to that of adolescents. They need 20% protein and 80% vegetables from insects to survive.

    Adult Bearded Dragons: How many crickets can you feed?

    Bearded dragon nutrition changes dramatically as they reach sexual maturity between 12 and 18 months of age.

    Change the proportions to provide a diet consisting of 70% vegetables and 30% insects.

    A week's supply of crickets for an adult bearded dragon averages 50 crickets.

    Each feeding session is different and the results are not always the same, so it's perfectly acceptable.

    Food rotation is the most important improvement to the bearded dragon's diet at this point.

    You will switch all their food to one type of food during the day and eat nothing during the day.

    There seems to be cases where only insects on the first day, only vegetables on the second day, nothing at all on the third day, and so on.

    And other people's pets go through insect-eating stages.

    How many super worms should a Bearded Dragon eat?

    Super worms are high in protein, so you don't need to feed your bearded dragons in bulk. As a result, you should feed an adult bearded dragon about 7-10 super worms every other day.

    Bearded Dragon Mealworms: How many should I feed?

    Mealworms are a common choice for feeder worms, but they are not the best choice.

    Mealworm's stiff chitlin exoskeleton makes it difficult for bearded dragons to digest and can cause health problems.

    Mealworm shells can harm your pet's health, which can lead to further problems and death.

    Besides, mealworm is not a nutritionally better alternative, so there is no incentive to favor it over other options.

    What are the feeding requirements for baby bearded dragons?

    Baby bearded dragons, like human babies, need to be fed repeatedly throughout the day. For babies under 3 months, feed 5 times a day.

    3 to 6 months old, 3 to 4 times a day, 6 months old to 3 times a day, and gradually reduce to 2 times as the 1 year approaches.

    Personally, I remember how embarrassed I was when I first got my bearded dragon a few months ago! I was new to reptiles at the time, so I figured my child only needed to feed them twice a day. I was wrong!

    Fortunately, it didn't take long before I saw her stop growing and knew she needed E-A-T! So don't worry... If you were undernourished, I fully understand. This is the realm of free judgment, as long as you make appropriate improvements.

    How many crickets should a baby Bearded Dragon eat?

    It's a hotly debated question, and you'll get different answers depending on who you ask...

    Some owners believe that newborns should be allowed to eat as much as they want, 3-5 times a day, every 5-10 minutes, while others say they should limit total cricket consumption to about 50 per day. up to 20.

    How Much Should a Bearded Dragon Eat a Dubia Cockroach?

    Bearded dragons under 3 months of age should take 10-20 Dubias three times a day until they are 4 months old.

    Between 4 and 12 months of age, give 10-15 Dubias twice a day, gradually reducing to a single dose until 1 year of age.

    Depending on body weight, give 10-20 Dubias 1-3 times a week to adults over 18 months old.

    6-18 months: How often to feed young bearded dragons?

    Young bearded dragons still grow faster, so they need more protein than adult bearded dragons.

    You should continue to provide the same diet consisting of 80% insects and 20% vegetables.

    Bearded dragons must be fed live food three times a day between 6 and 12 months of age and continue to eat vegetables.

    What can Bearded Dragons eat on a daily basis?

    Greens! Greens should be fed daily to bearded dragons over 12 months old. 

    If possible, do not leave uneaten vegetables for more than 20-30 minutes. As a result, mold and germs cannot spread to the tank. The same is true of those who feed on it, whether it be alive or dead.

    How long can Beardy Dragon go without eating?

    Depending on the age and condition of the bearded dragon, it may go weeks or months without feeding.

    An overweight adult bearded dragon can go up to two months without food, but this is not recommended.

    Young bearded dragons who stop feeding should be taken seriously as they need enough protein to grow healthy.

    Your bearded dragon can go from a few weeks to a month without eating during brumation, but water must be provided regularly.

    It's not uncommon to not feed your pet gecko for extended periods of time, but this knowledge is useful in knowing whether to go on vacation or for an extended period of time.

    Our other site has additional information on how long a bearded dragon can go without eating.

    Can you overeat on a bearded dragon?

    Bearded dragons, like humans, can become overweight if they eat too much. Obesity can be a serious problem for adult bearded dragons and is an issue that no owner should overlook.

    Obesity in adults is most often caused by diets that are high in tasty (insects) and low in vegetables. It's interesting that it seems to apply to all species. right?

    Why do bearded dragons eat more often than other dragons?

    Adult bearded dragons rarely overeat and will stop eating when they are full.

    You may notice that your bearded dragons are eating more than usual, but it's a good idea to focus on the quality of the food they eat rather than the quantity. This is most likely due to a good cause.

    Poor quality food and parasites, for example, will cause the bearded dragon to consume more as it seeks more nutrients.

    Not always. bearded dragons eat until they are full, but if the quality of the food is low or parasites interfere with the absorption of nutrients, you may see a bearded dragon who is not in good shape despite regular food intake.

    Should bearded dragon eat every day?

    Bearded dragons do not need to be fed daily, but they do need to be fed daily.

    Now if your bearded dragon has to go without food for a day or two while you're away from the city, you'll be fine. Just don't do it regularly.


    Feeding a bearded dragon is easy, but make sure they get enough insects, fruits and vegetables. Exactly what the dragon eats remains the same, but keep in mind that the proportion of plants and insects the dragon needs will change over time. Adult dragons need more plant matter, while baby dragons need more protein. Half the young dragons eat insects and half eat vegetation. If you follow these simple principles, you will have no problems keeping your dragon healthy and happy for a long time.

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