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Toys for Bearded Dragons

Toys for Bearded Dragons
Many bearded dragon owners overlook the bearded dragon toy when they have a pet. They think of everything related to enclosures, but that's it!

But trust us when we say toys are a necessity.

Bearded dragons need reinforcement just like any other animal, and allowing them to play with toys is a great way to provide this. Not only that, you can strengthen your relationship with your pet during this time.

    In this article, we show you some fun activities you can do to improve their lives with our favorite bearded dragon toys.

    So, what are the best Bearded Dragon toys and activities? Here are some of the best toys and hobbies for Bearded Dragons.
    • mirror
    • hammock
    • laser pen
    • swimming
    • insect in a ball wrapped with tape
    • bridge
    • let's hug
    • cat toy
    • watching TV
    • ball game for little children
    • hideouts and caves
    • look out the window
    • take them for a walk.
    • knit for swimming

    Continue to learn more about these toys and activities, and the many options to keep your bearded dragon fun and happy.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a bearded dragon toy.

    The best toy for your pet gecko will give you both practicality and comfort. Consider toys that are similar to the way they can live in the wild. Bearded     dragons are hunters accustomed to getting prey whenever they need it.

    In captivity, the owner will need to feed, but this does not mean that hunting should not be included in the diet. I'll explain a fun approach that allows your dragon to go inside and "hunt" it. Buy brightly colored toys. With flat, boring shades, the beard is much more recognizable. Throw food around toys to make it more game for the pet.

    Strengthening Bearded Dragons: Why is stimulation important to a happy bearded dragon?

    Before we dive into the best toys and activities, let's first talk about why stimulation is so important.

    Consider this. When it comes to bearded dragon enrichment, it's important to keep in mind that most bearded dragons spend a ton of time alone in their tanks. How would you feel if you had to spend every day of your life in one huge room?

    Wild bearded dragons, on the other hand, not only have a lot more space to wander, but also do a lot of activity to stay active! Whether hunting bugs, observing other animals, or just discovering new rocks, wild bearded dragons never get bored.

    Fortunately, accustomed to spending most of the day in cages, Bearded Dragons don't need all the bells and whistles to have a good time. Simple toys for pets, such as a ball and stick toy, can provide hours of entertainment for your bearded dragon!

    Things to consider when buying a bearded dragon toy

    Do not buy anything that could be harmful to your pet. Bearded dragons will try to devour every toy they can get their hands on. Avoid items with small pieces or slippery surfaces. Also, toys that are too large are more likely to be ignored or overwhelmed by dragons. 

    If it is too little, it will try to swallow it. Also, don't engage them in stressful behavior. This is what you'll hear a lot of what I'm saying. Bearded dragons do not respond well to stress. When your head starts to shake up and down, it's good to do something else.

    What Makes a Good Bearded Dragon Toy?

    To avoid boredom, bearded dragons need some excitement. A good bearded dragon toy doesn't have to be expensive. Also, go to your local pet store and take a look at the cat section. Hanging feathers or anything with hanging feathers would be fun.

    Getting the right mix of excitement without stressing your bearded dragon can be difficult. Read on to find out what to look for and what to avoid when buying a bearded dragon toy.

    Other Bearded Dragon Toys

    Are you looking for a toy to keep your bearded dragon on? There are many fantastic choices.

    Beardies don't need anything extravagant or expensive. A simple addition will keep the gecko dominating and give it a bit of richness. 

    1. Bearded Dragon's Leather

    Leather may not look like a toy in the usual sense, but it's a fantastic new environment for Bearded Dragons to explore!

    Bearded Dragon's Leather

    • It looks like real tree bark.
    • The material does not deteriorate and it is easy to clean.
    • Large reptiles like the Bearded Dragon will love this size.
    • Additional stimulation is provided by additional holes.
    When living in the wild, bearded dragons prefer to burrow or infiltrate restricted areas. There aren't many such areas available in most cages. Hides can help with this.

    Leather is essentially a little haven. Think of them as a house within a house. Using leather provides more privacy while providing a safe and comfortable environment.

    Leather comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Larger molded skins often have a cave-like shape. It can also include additional features such as many rooms or stairs to climb.

    To keep costs down, a DIY tree shelter or an overturned container works great. Make sure everything you use is large enough for the gecko to fit in safely.

    2. Bridge

    Bridge aren't technically "toys", but they're another fun feature you can add to your dragon's habitat. The bridges are not only a new place for the dragon to lean and rest, but also a fun way to move from one side of the cage to the other.

    It can definitely help brighten up a dull or drab room. To avoid accidents, make sure the bridge is safe and stable inside the tank.

    Our Choice: Here's a Suspension Bridge Toy on Amazon with over 3700 positive reviews. 

    3. Feeder Ball Configuration

    If you want to go one step further than playing with tennis balls, you can go a step further and give Bearded Dragon a feeder ball to play with.

    If you're not sure what a 'feeder ball' is, it's basically a clear plastic ball full of live insects. These 'feeder balls' cannot be purchased in the store, so you will have to be creative and craft them yourself.

    For this purpose, you can use a variety of balls, such as practice golf balls and whipple balls. Here is the link to several low-cost, high-quality whipple balls that are available on Amazon and are ideal for making feeder balls.

    Just cover all but one of the ball holes with clear adhesive tape. Then put the live insect in the ball and give it to the bearded dragon.

    4. Hammock and lounge chairs

    Hammocks also make a great addition to the bearded dragon's habitat. By keeping your pet lizard comfortable when it is resting, you can give it a lot of joy. Unlike most other toys on the list, you don't have to look closely while the Bearded Dragon plays in the hammock.

    Hammocks also provide more space to recline, which is especially useful when placed in a bathing area. When choosing a hammock, keep in mind the size of the bearded dragon and the amount of space available within the cage.

    You should also set up a hammock so the lizard can climb up and down easily. The Penn-Plax Lizard Lounger is made specifically for Bearded Dragons, making it a fantastic choice for your bearded friend.

    Check out our choice of hammock on Amazon for bearded dragons.

    5. Wands for cats

    This is a great toy to try, as your dragon may love chasing around toys swaying on a cat cane. What could be better? Cat wands on Amazon are also very affordable, making them an excellent budget-friendly solution!

    One piece of advice is that dragons shouldn't eat feathers, so don't buy the ones with feathers.

    Personally, I love seeing my bearded dragons use cat wands. It's definitely one of my favorite toy alternatives because it's something you can do with them.

    6. Floaty for Bearded Dragon

    Bearded dragons may like to play with floaty as a toy. It also makes bath time more enjoyable. Especially for bearded dwarfs who don't like to spend a lot of time in the water.

    Bearded dragons also need a bath as they help molt. Aside from that, frequent bathing will keep Beardie from getting poop in the vents, and the floaty will make bath time fun for the lizards.

    Bearded dragons have a place to rest between baths with the right floaty. Some floats on bearded dragons are ring-shaped, allowing the lizard to push its head out through the hole while it floats.

    Like all the other toys on our list, the floaty comes in a variety of styles. Because they are more durable, you should only purchase high-quality floats for best results.

    Check out out choice of floaty on Amazon.

    7. Pen or laser pointer

    Reptiles chase laser beams and mistake them for insects which can help promote activity. However, it quickly realizes that it is not a real bug and it will get tired of it. So, you only need to use it for a short time, once or twice a week.

    They also guide your pet to real insects in cages to help ease the monotony. Check out some of the laser pointers on Amazon.

    8. Tongs for long feeding

    Instead of using cat wands, a fan-friendly option is to lure these geckos with long prey tongs and live insects like live crickets, grasshoppers, dubia cockroaches, horned moths, mealworms, and silkworms.

    Place the bugs on creeping branches, basking rocks or other terrarium decorations and furniture. These animals must climb, jump, or chase insects to catch and eat them.

    What are the advantages of Bearded Dragon Toys?

    Imagine spending your whole life in a confined space. Perhaps you are bored and want to do something. Toys are a great way to entertain your bearded dragon while encouraging exercise. If the beard does nothing, it is more likely to shorten its lifespan.

    Bearded dragons can travel and hunt as they wish in their own environment, giving them plenty of exercise. Toys provide the stimulation and activity your bearded dragon needs to live a long and healthy life. Remember, a healthy beard is a happy person.

    1. Best Bearded Dragon Activities

    Taking the time to engage in a few easy activities with the bearded dragon can be very satisfying and can also help you connect with the dragon.

    These activities do not have to be expensive or time consuming. Nevertheless, they will keep your dragon from getting bored and provide fun things to do, increasing your overall happiness.

    2. Observation through the window

    There are games that Beardies love or despise! Attracted the attention of some unknown bearded dragons. As a result, they don't mind being exposed to unusual sights and noises every day for a few minutes.

    Take the Bearded Dragon outside and watch the world go by. This activity allows Beardie to interact with a variety of animals and people while remaining secure.

    If the bearded dragon shows no signs of stress during this period, the habitat should be placed close to a window. They can always keep themselves occupied.

    3. Allow them to "hunt".

    Are you looking for a simple solution to make your Bearded Dragon happy without spending a dime?

    Wouldn't you like to allow your bearded dragons to "hunt" their meals, given the vast space they don't mind letting the cold-blooded killers inside turn channels and release bugs?

    This will look great on a huge open patio or not too long lawn. If you are releasing some insects outdoors, make sure your lawn/ground is free of pesticides as you don't want your bearded dragon to eat them!

    4. Walk

    Walking with a Bearded Dragon may seem strange at first, but it quickly became a favorite pastime among Bearded Dragon owners.

    Walking with your Bearded Dragon is easier than ever, with leashes and harnesses designed exclusively for Bearded Dragons.

    These leashes and harnesses are fantastic and you don't have to worry about running away or moving away from you.

    It's a fantastic way to get some exercise while stimulating your dragon.

    5. To swim

    Bearded dragons can swim very well. But they don't always appreciate being in the water. Before getting them to swim, you need to evaluate their comfort level.

    After washing, many owners will give the Bearded Dragon some joy. This is a good time to evaluate the situation and see if swimming is right for them. If they hate bathing, they won't like swimming.

    You can use your bathtub or a small plastic children's pool. As mentioned earlier, don't forget to include a few floaties!

    6. It's TV time!

    Many have claimed that their Bearded Dragons like to watch television or movies. Believe it or not! Isn't that funny?

    If you take your bearded dragons out of their cages and let them watch something with you on a laptop, TV or iPad, or if you leave them in their cages and support them, they're likely to have a good time. !

    If they are in a cage, make sure they aren't too noisy as they can't escape if they're too stressed out.

    7. Bring a stuffed animal

    Why not provide a soft toy to play with while Beard cuddles? Soft stuffed animals seem to be popular with reptiles. It's a new texture for them and you don't see it often. Plush animals provide warmth to the room.

    Place a small stuffed animal in the bearded dragon's habitat and see how it reacts. Not all lizards love it or take advantage of it like others. Stuffed animals just take up space in the cage when not in use.

    Watch their actions. After a few days, if they don't hug the stuffed animal, remove it and try something else.

    Can bearded dragon interact with other pets?

    Even if your bearded dragon isn't the only pet in the house, you might be wondering if everyone can play together. Bearded dragons can get along well with other creatures, but they must be handled with extreme caution. Start by gradually introducing the bearded dragon to other pets while keeping an eye on the situation.

    As an introduction, have your dog or cat sniff your bearded dragon. No matter how well the animals get along, never leave them alone. You will see your relationship develop over time, which will be a source of additional excitement and play for your beard. Finally, beware of the aggressive behavior of all pets. You want to make sure none of them bite the other.


    Finally, we now have a handy list of bearded dragon toys to test out, so go get them!

    Playing with toys is a great way to spend time with your bearded dragon and is highly recommended. It will be enjoyable not only for them, but also for you.

    It is not good for physical health as it is easy to become overweight due to lack of exercise. For this reason alone, you should ensure that your Bearded Dragon gets a chance to engage in some kind of physical exercise or play with your favorite toy.

    However, the psychological stimulation provided by toys and hobbies is more important.

    Bearded Dragons need toys and hobbies to stimulate their physical and brain. Wild bearded dragons go out for food every day, but in captivity they were locked up in the same tank every day while food is being delivered.

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