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How much is a Bearded Dragon?

How much is a Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons are often recommended as great first pets. They are low-maintenance and generally inexpensive, especially when compared to dogs and cats. Bearded dragons also occupy a fraction of the area occupied by large dogs and do not chew on shoes or furniture.

    Beardy dragons aren't as expensive as other pets, but at first glance they aren't that expensive. Knowing how much it costs to maintain a regular bearded dragon every day, you might think that's all you'll have to pay. However, it will ignore essential elements such as the dragon's tank, food, lighting, medical, etc.

    If you're new to bearded dragons and want to know how much it costs to buy and raise them; this article has all the information you need. We will analyze the cost of owning a bearded dragon, including one-time purchases and ongoing monthly bills.

    How much does a bearded dragon cost?

    Depending on their age, bearded dragons cost between $30 and $100. However, this simply represents the cost of Beardie.

    An additional fee of $300 to $600 is required to cover the cost of the cage, basic care materials and initial veterinary visit. This brings the average cost of a bearded dragon from $300 to $700 in the first place.

    Red (e.g. Red, Sandfire Red, Dark Ruby)$50 – $300
    Translucent Morph (e.g. Blue, Purple, Green, or Polar)$200 – $450
    Dunner$300 – $500
    Silkback$100 – $200
    Leatherback$100 – $500
    Zero Morph (e.g. Snow or Clear white)$300 – $900
    Standard or Common (e.g. Tan, Dark Brown)$40 – $75
    Hypomelanistic Morph (e.g. Pastel)$100 – $900
    Orange Morph (e.g. Citrus Tiger, Tangerine, Sandfire, Sunburst)$100 – $200
    Yellow Morph (e.g. Citrus, Olive, Lemon Fire, Sandfire Gold)$100 – $300

    The price of a typical bearded dragon

    Brown or tan is the color of a common Bearded Dragon pet. They are most widely available in pet stores and are easily produced in captivity, so they cost anywhere from $40 to $75 depending on age.

    The pattern of this species is that of the Bearded Dragon. Their body is covered with thorns and their head is arrow-shaped. They have a white belly.

    If you want to get an existing bearded dragon, consider adopting it.

    Age, gender, type of dragon

    Of course, the location where you bought the dragon isn't the only aspect that affects the price. Premium dragons can cost many times more than regular dragons, and are significantly less than $100. Hundreds of bearded dragon variants now exist in a variety of shades including yellow, orange, red, pure white, and other combinations. These dragons cost over $500 in each color and pattern.

    Another important pricing aspect to consider is sex. Female dragons are necessary for breeding, but many breeders refuse to sell them in order to retain their unique color variations that others cannot replicate. As a result, a female bearded dragon with a nice color can sell for up to $1,000.

    You can also save money if you buy while your dragon is a baby. Baby bearded dragons are simpler to care for and less expensive. Also, we do not know how good a given specimen will be because it is not fully mature. Adults are fully developed and can assess their suitability for mating, display, and other activities. Adults are also more expensive to purchase because they are more expensive to maintain due to increased food and medical costs.

    Dragon cost: $60-$1,000+

    The price is determined by the place of purchase.

    Bearded dragons are usually cheap to buy, but the price will vary depending upon various circumstances. One of the most important things is where you get it!

    Your neighborhood pet store is a quintessential source for novice reptile lovers. Beardy dragons are so popular that they are readily available at most pet stores. They are sold in both small and large stores.

    Even in pet shops, there can be significant price differences depending on the age of the reptile. Young beardy dragons are less expensive, between $30 and $60. An adult dragon, on the other hand, are around $100.

    However, while a pet store is convenient, it is not always the best option.

    People with some expertise usually look for professional breeders. Breeders not only provide a higher quality of life for bearded dragons, but they also cost less.

    Breeders are often 10-20% cheaper than pet stores. They can also have unique color morphs.

    Another possibility is to attend the reptile exhibit! These cases happen all over the world. They bring together a large number of breeders and fans in one place, making it a great place to meet local breeders.

    A bearded dragon purchased from a reptile event is almost identical to one purchased from a single breeder. But it's your choice that matters here! With so many breeders out there, it's easy to find unique and uncommon color morphs.

    Cost of ownership of a bearded dragon

    The cost of building a Bearded Dragon's house ranges from $200 to $1,100. This will depend on the size and type of tank you buy and the quality of the equipment you get.

    In addition to the one-time setup fee, it costs between $50 and $100 per month for feeding and heating, as well as annual fees for new bulbs and veterinarian visits.

    Instead of purchasing everything separately, you can get a Bearded Dragon Veterinary Kit.

    A typical kit costs about $300 and contains a 50 gallon glass tank. Baby Bearded Dragons are usually ideal for kids. When your pet is fully mature, you should upgrade to a 120 gallon tank.

    It is ideal for beginners as it simplifies and facilitates the buying experience. Many permanent parts for the Beardie's adult habitat are included in the kit, including a basking light (with dome lamp fixture) and tank lid system.

    In addition to the package, you need a T5 high power UVB lamp. Do not use coil-UVB light, even if included in the package.

    Non-disappearing veterinary hospital expenses

    Another cost to consider is an annual herpetology or exotic animal vet visit.

    You should take the bearded dragon home to the veterinarian within the first two days. Your veterinarian will perform a series of tests to make sure you are healthy and free of potentially harmful parasites.

    First appointments typically cost between $75 and $150.

    Future veterinary spending is subject to change. If the reptile is in good condition and there are no serious problems, annual expenses range from $60 to $100.

    On the other hand, an unexpected illness can significantly increase your annual costs. It all depends on the condition of the lizard. Diagnostic tests alone can cost hundreds of dollars. Also, treatment can be expensive.

    What you need to know before buying?

    When you find a bearded dragon you like, look for the following health metrics:

    • The colour is bright and clear.
    • From the back of the skull to the tail, the spine is straight.
    • The tail is in good condition with no kinks or kinks.
    • The chin is smooth and well-shaped.
    • The legs have the definition of good muscularity.
    • All toes were there.
    • The are active in their enclosure.

    If you are ordering online, double check the seller's shipping policy. There are safe ways to export bearded dragons, but this is usually unpleasant and unexpected.

    Price of essential supplies

    Getting a bearded dragon is only half the battle. Before bringing a beardie home, you need to set up a new enclosure.

    This is where most of the first costs come from. The main things you need are:

    The shopping list below is a comprehensive list of everything you need before taking your pet home!

    ItemPrice (USD)
    Food Dish$2 – $10
    Outlet Timer$10 – $25
    Bath Dish$10 – $30
    Plants (real or fake)$5 – $15
    Hides$5 – $40
    50 to 120-gallon Glass Tank$100 – $600
    Humidity Gauges$5 – $15
    Ceramic Heating Element$15 – $25
    Digital Thermostats x 2$5 – $40
    UVA Basking Lamp Fixture$15 – $30
    T5 UVB Fixture$15 – $80
    Reptile Mat$5 – $30
    Ceramic Tiles (optional)$5
    Hammocks$5 – $35
    Branches$5 – $25
    Total$30 – $600

    Preparing the Dragon

    You have about half of the budget left since you bought the dragon. If you spend hundreds of dollars on a unique color morph, you've already made most of your purchases. But if you've spent $60 on a dragon, you'll be spending more time putting it in an enclosure than buying it.

    To keep your dragon healthy, safe and happy, you need some ingredients. Some of these materials may need to be replaced regularly, but in this part we will look at materials that you only need once, such as enclosures, lighting, and furniture.


    Naturally, one of the most important pieces of equipment a dragon needs is an enclosure. You can't have a new pet without it! As a result, you won't want to bring your dragon home until you figure out how to keep it safe.

    There are many different enclosure alternatives. You should expect to pay between $75 and $150 for a modest reptile aquarium. A high-quality aviary style cage, on the other hand, will cost you $300.

    The cost of an enclosure will vary greatly depending on things such as where it is purchased and its size. For example, a used aquarium that perfectly fits your dragon's needs can be bought at a yard sale for $10. On the other hand, you can get a completely custom terrarium with the walls and everything painted over, like this one online. Of course, above $300, the price difference between these two solutions is significant.

    Heat lamps, lights and fixtures

    Dragons need lighting. This light resembles the sun and provides vital nutrition while allowing the dragon to regulate its body temperature. You will need both a luminescent light bulb and a heating light bulb. A total of 2 lamps are required. One has a heat bulb that does not emit light and the other has a heat bulb that emits light. Only half of the tank needs to be heated for the dragon's habitat. The dragon should be able to move to the cooler side to change the temperature as needed.

    You will need to purchase lighting and fixtures to provide the lizard with a suitable habitat. bearded dragons need Basking and UV light.

    Your beardie's heat is generated by the basking light. Do not use a regular incandescent light bulb to cut the corners. Rather, invest in a professional basking light.

    A single light with a light bulb, such as a heat bulb and a hood lamp with a clip, costs about $20. Remember you need two. One of them requires a light bulb to generate light to simulate sunlight. Another alternative is a dual light fixture, which can fulfil both needs.

    Anyway, the lights will give you back about $30-$70. Fortunately, you only need to buy it once, but bulbs need to be replaced regularly.


    A bearded dragon must not be left alone in a completely empty cage. Your dragon will go crazy! Instead, create an atmosphere in the cage similar to where dragons can live in nature. In other words, you need  stones, plants, water bowls for your dragon.

    A hot rock is a great accessory for a dragon, but it's not absolutely necessary to keep the dragon happy. Don't just go out into the street and pick up stones. Hygienic furniture for dragons is necessary to prevent parasites and other problems.

    These are just a few examples of basic furniture that can help a bearded dragon feel more comfortable. There's no reason not to get more! Artificial plants, caves and various natural decorations can be added to the larger enclosure.

    The rest is up to your taste as long as you cover all of the gecko's base. On average, you should expect to spend between $30 and $80 on furnitures.

    You can make the dragon's furniture as mild or crazy as you want, so we estimate it will cost $30-$80 to fill the cage.

    Total installation cost: $200-$1000


    When buying bearded dragons, avoid wild-caught bearded dragons, unethical variations (such as silkbags), and untamed subspecies.

    The reptile exhibit is an ideal place to get a bearded dragon. Typical baby bearded dragons cost between $40 and $75, while adult variants cost more than $900.

    There are several possibilities when buying a bearded dragon (eg. fairs, pet stores, private breeders). There are many more places to get ingredients and meals!

    On the surface, owning a bearded dragon seems cheap and simple. These creatures are cheaper than many popular choices, but the specific expenses associated with raising dragons don't make sense until you incur unexpected costs.

    From food and medicine to installation costs, caring for a bearded dragon takes a lot of effort. Before you get a bearded dragon, you need to understand exactly what you're into. That way, you know ahead of time how much you will spend in each category and plan ahead without being surprised by your spending.

    The cost of raising a bearded dragon is quite low compared to other pets. The rest of the ingredients aren't too expensive once you buy the lizard!

    Take your time, have fun, and check out our shopping list to see if you have everything you need.

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