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QnA on Fancy bearded dragon

A fancy bearded dragon is a bearded dragon that has been bred for its color and markings. These dragons are usually more brightly colored than their wild counterparts, and they may have unusual markings, such as stripes or spots. Fancy bearded dragons are popular pets, and they can fetch high prices on the market.

    What is the difference between a fancy bearded dragon and a regular bearded dragon?

    If a bearded dragon's color, pattern, or scales go beyond of the regular range of wild-type species, it is referred to as fancy. A fancy bearded dragon does not have an established definition. Any dragon with a unique color, design, or size might be classified as fancy.

    Is it possible to keep a fancy bearded dragon as a pet?

    Even for novice reptile keepers, they have very complicated dietary and environmental demands, hence they are typically regarded ideal pets. Bearded dragons need specialized equipment and a significant amount of time to care for.

    What's the difference between a fancy bearded dragon and an ordinary one?

    The most noticeable distinction between regular and fancy bearded dragons is their appearance. Hue - The standard bearded dragon's color ranges from brown to yellow. Fancy bearded dragons go outside of this color spectrum and tend to be more red.

    What is the maximum size of a fancy bearded dragon?

    At the age of twelve months, an adult is completely developed. Bearded Dragons should be between 16 and 24 inches long and weigh between 380 and 510 grams. Their tail accounts for the majority of their size.

    What are the requirements for fancy bearded dragons?

    Your adult fancy bearded dragon will need a tank that is at least 20 gallons, but most experts suggest a tank that is at least 40 gallons. It prefers arid, desert environments, therefore you'll need a lot of pebbles and dry branches to create that setting.

    Do fancy bearded dragons have the ability to change color?

    Bearded dragons use color to communicate with one another and regulate their body temperature. Bearded dragons may divide color change to certain body areas based on whether they are reacting to temperature or interacting with other lizards, according to new study.

    Is it true that fancy bearded dragons bite?

    While bearded dragons are capable of biting, they only do so when provoked. Bearded dragons are usually placid creatures that will not bite unless they feel threatened or mistake your fingers for food. Bites from a bearded dragon are significantly less common and less dangerous than bites from a cat or dog.

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