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QnA on Bearded dragon puffing beard

Bearded dragons are commonly considered as one of the most aggressive reptiles in the pet trade. This is not surprising considering their natural behavior, which includes puffing their neck to make themselves look bigger and intimidating their rivals. While this may be a desirable trait in some cases, it can also lead to problems when handled improperly.

    What's with my beardie's beard puffing at me?

    They're frightened or worried. This is most likely the most prevalent cause of bearded dragon puffiness. Using a defensive mechanism is a common occurrence in the animal world. The animal attempts to scare away a potential predator by seeming bigger and more frightening.

    What's the deal with my bearded dragon's beard flexing?

    Your bearded dragon's beard may puff out in reaction to stress, fear, or territorial actions in general. They may also do it in the bath, during meals, or during mating season. A healthy dragon may puff up in a number of situations, but this does not always indicate that anything is wrong.

    My bearded dragon is blowing bubbles, and I'm not sure why.

    Your Bearded Dragon's nose or mouth is blowing bubbles. The nostrils of a healthy bearded dragon are reasonably dry and clean. Lizards that blow bubbles or have fluid oozing from their nose are usually suffering from an upper respiratory infection, which is the reptile equivalent of a cold.

    Why do bearded dragons have puffy eyes?

    Another explanation for its frequency is that it is linked to excessive blood pressure. Some reptiles, such as the horned lizard, may deliberately raise blood pressure behind their eyes as a protective measure, and some experts think the bearded dragon may have this capacity as well.

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