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QnA on Bearded dragons for sale online

Bearded dragons are a popular pet choice, and there are many places to buy them online. Some sellers offer free shipping, while others have lower prices but require a higher purchase minimum. The best place to buy a bearded dragon is typically determined by its color, as red and purple dragons are more expensive than other colors.

    What are the prices of bearded dragons?

    Bearded dragons range in price from $40 to 900 dollars. Color and morph are the most essential aspects. Bearded dragons may be purchased through pet shops, private breeders, or reptile expos. A typical Beardie will set you back $40 at a pet shop.

    Is it possible to transport bearded dragons?

    FedEx's Live Animal Desk, according to most breeders, is the best choice. As a result, Cliffhanger Reptiles sends all live creatures to their new homes by FedEx. It seems to be straightforward. Once the FedEx driver arrives with your box, you must wait outside the door until your bearded dragon arrives safely.

    I'm looking for a place where I can sell my bearded dragon.

    The Bearded Dragon is a kind of dragon with a beard. This website is committed to providing a secure environment for the sale and purchase of bearded dragons. Craigslist. Use Craigslist or any comparable site to advertise your bearded dragon.
    • PetSmart/PetCo/Local Pet Stores
    • Locate a Breeder.
    • Use the forums to express yourself.

    Is keeping a bearded dragon as a pet cruel?

    Bearded dragon "pets" that survive the one-year curse may develop major and painful health issues, such as metabolic bone disease from calcium shortage, mouth rot, respiratory illness, abscesses, and ulcers, if they are not properly cared for.

    Is it possible for a bearded dragon to starve to death?

    No lizard should starve to death if there are no external effects (such as environmental concerns or underlying health issues), and even if they were incorrect, I would still say it wasn't famine in most situations since reptiles of all sorts are experts at saving energy.

    Is it possible for a bearded dragon to live for 20 years?

    Bearded dragons have a lifespan ranging from five to fourteen years. They usually survive for around 10 years as pets. Males often live longer than females due to their larger size. Individuals that are larger are more resilient and can survive more extreme weather conditions.

    What does a fully grown bearded dragon cost?

    The cost of a bearded dragon in the United States ranges from $60 to $100 on the low end. Bearded dragons with distinctive morphs, on the other hand, may range in price from $250 to $400 or more, depending on the breeder.

    Is it preferable to have a female or male bearded dragon?

    Male bearded dragons are often larger and more sociable than females. Males are more extroverted and are more likely to participate in social activities. During mating seasons, however, guys often become possessive and aggressive, whilst females normally stay calm.

    Is it possible to combine two newborn bearded dragons?

    As long as their sizes are comparable, baby beardies get along OK in the same cage for a while. Young dragons perform even better when they've been raised together since they were hatchlings than when they've been raised apart.

    Is it true that female bearded dragons are larger than males?

    Males have two hemipenal bulges, larger femoral pores and heads, thicker tails, and darker beards than females. They're also more prone to hiss, stomp, fluff their beards, and bob their heads. It's crucial to sex a bearded dragon so you don't end up with two males in the same cage.

    For a bearded dragon, how large of a tank do I need?

    A 10 gallon glass aquarium tank is ideal for a young bearded dragon. As the beardie develops, the tank will need to be expanded. A 20-50 gallon long glass aquarium tank is required for adults. Because beardies like climbing, make sure there is enough of vertical area with plenty of branches.

    Do bearded dragons and dogs get along?

    Bearded Dragons and dogs can be wonderful buddies, despite their differences. They'll need some time and effort to get to know each other, but they'll be a compatible couple in no time! Even if they are closest friends, it is critical to never leave your dogs alone when they are together.

    Is it okay to keep a bearded dragon in a 3ft vivarium?

    Because baby bearded dragons like having plenty of room to walk about, it's perfectly OK to keep them in a large vivarium that they can expand into as they become older. Don't bother putting them in a 3ft vivarium and then upgrading them to a 4ft vivarium; the increased area won't overwhelm them.

    Is a 40 gallon tank large enough for a young bearded dragon?

    A 40 gallon tank (38" X 18" X 18") is suitable for a newborn bearded dragon, however it is the maximum size I would suggest. If their cage is too huge, greater than the 40 gallon tanks, some infants may have difficulty catching and swallowing their food.

    For two bearded dragons, how large of a tank do you need?

    A 40-50 gallon tank is required for each adult bearded dragon. If you want to keep two bearded dragons together, you'll need a tank that's twice as big. Two bearded dragons would need a tank with a minimum capacity of 130 gallons.

    Can I keep a bearded dragon in a fish tank?

    Young bearded dragons may be kept in a 25-gallon aquarium for a short time, while adults should be kept in a 75-gallon tank. Two bearded dragons can usually coexist, particularly if they are breeding partners.

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