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QnA on Infertile bearded dragon eggs

Bearded dragon eggs are often infertile due to the fact that the temperature in a bearded dragon's environment is not always conducive to successful reproduction. In addition, many breeders will not mate two dragons that they do not intend to keep together in order to avoid accidentally incubating eggs. If an egg is fertile, it will typically hatch within 55 days.

There are a few potential reasons why bearded dragon eggs may be infertile. One possibility is that the eggs are not getting enough oxygen. This can be due to improper ventilation in the egg incubator, or if the eggs are stored improperly after being laid. Another potential reason for infertility is a lack of calcium in the diet of the female dragon. If she is not getting enough calcium, her eggs will not be able to develop properly.

    Your female bearded dragon's eggs will most likely be sterile if she hasn't been near a male in over a year. What do you mean, a full year?! Female beardies can keep male sperm in their reproductive tracts for up to a year, allowing them to fertilize eggs.

    Is it possible for infertile bearded dragon eggs to hatch?

    They will never hatch if they are not fertile, and they may be discarded at any time. If you're not sure if the eggs are viable, shine a flashlight on them and check for a reddish embryo within.

    What should I do with bearded dragon eggs that aren't fertile?

    These will be golden in color and smaller in size than usual. Remove them as soon as possible and dispose of them. This also denotes the end of the egg-laying period.

    Is it possible for a bearded dragon to lay unfertilized eggs?

    Unfertilized eggs may be laid by female bearded dragons as early as 9-10 months of age, however this is a rare occurrence. You don't want your female dragon to start producing eggs while she's still young and developing. She risks losing calcium in her body if she produces eggs before she is completely matured.

    What is the likelihood of a bearded dragon laying unfertilized eggs?

    The frequency with which a bearded dragon produces sterile eggs (as shown in the picture below) varies greatly from dragon to dragon. During "mating season," a dragon may often lay many clutches of sterile eggs, with 20 being the average amount per clutch, give or take.

    My bearded dragon eggs are collapsing, and I'm not sure why.

    Insufficient humidity and temperature are the most common reasons of egg failure in bearded dragons. You'll end up with a good batch of baby bearded dragons if you secure these circumstances appropriately and maintain them throughout the growth phase.

    What is the best way to tell whether a lizard egg is fertile?

    A shadow image appears on your side when light goes through the shell. Because no development occurs when a reptile egg is sterile, it stays transparent. A fertilized egg's embryo starts to develop approximately a week after it is laid, and you will initially detect a little circular disk.

    Is it necessary for bearded dragon eggs to be soft?

    Sift the dirt gently for the eggs, which will be fragile and rubbery. Place them into the baths with care. Give the woman a bath, plenty of food and drink, and a peaceful location to relax for a few days. If properly nurtured, bearded dragon eggs take 40-90 days to develop.

    What does an infertile egg resemble?

    Infertile eggs will have a blastodisc with an uneven form and a very weak and hazy white color. Regardless of whether the egg is viable or not, it will feature a white spot or blastodisc.

    When can you know whether the eggs of a bearded dragon are fertile?

    If bearded dragon eggs are rotated after they've been laid, they'll almost certainly die. In a dark environment, shine a bright yet little pen light through the egg from behind. You'll notice a network of blood arteries if the eggs are viable, and the light entering through the egg may be mostly pink.

    Is it necessary to fertilize bearded dragon eggs?

    Only if a bearded dragon has been mated with a male and the eggs have been fertilized will the eggs hatch.

    Are reptiles capable of laying unfertilized eggs?

    In 2015, zookeepers made the decision to begin incubating all reptile eggs produced at the zoo, including those deposited by slugs. Many animals are able to procreate via a process known as parthenogenesis, which involves hatching infants from unfertilized eggs without the need of sperm.

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