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QnA on Petsmart bearded dragon

The bearded dragon is a popular pet that is known for its friendly disposition and easy care. Bearded dragons originate from Australia and typically live for around 10 years. They are omnivorous, meaning that they eat both plants and animals, and can be fed a variety of different foods including crickets, mealworms, and vegetables. Bearded dragons make popular pets because they are relatively easy to care for and they have a friendly personality.

    How long do bearded dragons from Petsmart live?

    Bearded dragons may live up to 8 years in the wild, but it's claimed that up to 75% of "pet" reptiles die during the first year of life in captivity.

    What is the price of a bearded dragon?

    Depending on its age, a bearded dragon might cost anywhere from $30 to $100. That, however, simply represents the cost of the beardie. You'll need an extra $300 to $600 to cover the price of their cage, basic care materials, and an initial vet visit.

    What is the cheapest bearded dragon price?

    A reptile exhibition is the ideal location to get a bearded dragon. A typical baby bearded dragon costs between $40 and $75, while adult variants may cost upwards of $900. When it comes to purchasing a bearded dragon, there are several possibilities (such as expos, pet shops, and private breeders). There are many more locations to get supplies and meals!

    At pet shops, how old are bearded dragons?

    Bearded dragons are excellent pets and may survive for up to ten years in captivity. It's not always easy to figure out how old your bearded dragon is, particularly after it's grown to adulthood. You may estimate your beardie's age by measuring its length throughout its first year of existence.

    Do bearded dragons have a foul odor?

    Bearded dragons acquire a stench as a result of scents in their environment or cage, therefore establish a regular cleaning plan with a thorough clean at least once a month. This protects your beardie's health and prevents any odor from forming.

    Are bearded dragons suitable as first-time pets?

    For people who are new to reptiles, the sociable Bearded Dragon is an excellent choice. They're pretty straightforward to look after, and their placid personalities make them easy to manage.

    Do bearded dragons like being petted?

    Bearded Dragons, or "Beardies" as they are often known, are not slacker pets. It's simply that they're notorious for snuggling up with their owners while watching television.

    Do the bites of bearded dragons hurt?

    A bearded dragon bite feels like a forceful pinch that may or may not produce bruises or skin breakage. They do have teeth, and bites are frequently more painful as a result of the shock of being bitten than the bite itself.

    Is it true that bearded dragons like being held?

    Even though bearded dragons are solitary creatures, they like connecting with their owners. They like being hugged or having their cheeks, chin, or head stroked. Some may withdraw or turn their beard black, but if you put them down and try again later, they may reconsider.

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