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QnA on Why does my bearded dragon scratch at the glass?

The bearded dragon may scratch at the glass for a variety of reasons. One reason may be that the dragon is trying to communicate with the person or animal on the other side of the glass. Bearded dragons will often scratch at the glass of their tank when they see people walking by, in the hopes that they'll get some attention and maybe a snack. Dragons may also scratch at the glass if they are feeling territorial or stressed. If a bearded dragon is scratching at the glass excessively, it may be indicative of a health problem, such as an infection or skin condition.

There could be a few reasons why your bearded dragon is scratching at the glass. One possibility is that he may be trying to tell you that he's hungry and wants to be fed.  Another possibility is that your bearded dragon may be feeling anxious or stressed and is trying to relieve his anxiety by scratching at the glass.

    Your bearded dragon wants to emerge in search of a mate. It might be hormones if everything is good in the bearded dragon's home. During mating season, your bearded dragon may scratch at the glass to get out of the tank and find a partner.

    What's up with my bearded dragon clawing the window?

    Glass surfing is regarded to be a stress response, and a bearded dragon might be stressed for a variety of reasons: A bearded dragon might get stressed if its cage or tank is too small for it. Even though they are not kept together, another bearded dragon might be viewed as competition and create stress in a bearded dragon.

    What can I do to keep my bearded dragon from rubbing against the glass?

    Make sure your lizard doesn't get a view of another reptile (or any other pet) from within its cage. Add a backdrop border or alter lighting to avoid glare and reflections if your beardie feels disturbed by seeing its reflection in the glass. You might also consider moving to a glass-free enclosure.

    What's up with my bearded dragon's digging?

    Bearded dragon digging habit usually begins for one of two causes. The first is that their tank is overly hot, making it difficult for them to maintain body temperature control. They may locate a cooler place inside the tank by digging. Another explanation is when a female is about to produce eggs.

    Bearded dragons scratch themselves for a variety of reasons.

    Congratulations for paying attention to and studying bearded dragon behavior, which is an important element of being a caring exotic pet owner. In most cases, seeing your beardie feverishly pawing at or clawing the glass is a sign of worry, but it might also signify they're bored.

    Why is my bearded dragon clawing at the window in the middle of the night?

    Their enclosure's walls, often known as "glass surfing." When your dragon stands up against the glass and runs down the edge of the cage, this is known as "glass surfing." They then scrape their way along the walls, as though attempting to get out. They may have seen your reflection or are attempting to approach you.

    How long does a bearded dragon take to acclimate to a new environment?

    Prior and then after cleaning the terrarium and attachments, always wash your hands. When youngsters engage with bearded dragons, they should always be supervised. Allow 3-4 days for the body to acclimate to its new environment before attempting to manage for brief periods of time.

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