About us

We are a blog about small pets. We love these animals and want to help people learn all they can about them.

We love providing information to our readers on everything from the best foods to feed their critters to how to create the perfect environment for them to live in. We also offer FAQs about small pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, sugar glider, leopard gecko, and bearded dragons. Our blog is a great resource for information on all things small pets, from choosing the right one to taking care of them properly. 

We hope that our blog will help people connect with these amazing creatures and learn all about how to take care of them!

Our mission is to provide the best information possible to help people make informed decisions about small pets. 

We are passionate about small pets and love answering any questions people have about them. We want to help people learn everything they need to know before they decide to add a small pet to their family. We hope you'll check it out!


About the author

I am Paige and I love pets. I have a bearded dragon and a husky. My bearded dragon's name is Bart and he is a lot of fun. He likes to eat crickets and play in his cage. My husky's name is Sandy and she is a lot of fun, too. She likes to run and play in the park. I love taking them for walks and playing with them. They are both a big part of my family.
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